NAO creates, since 1968, porcelain figures that stand out for their expressiveness and the precision of their hand-made elaboration in Valencia (Spain). Over the last 40 years, Nao creations have won the hearts of millions of admirers and collectors throughout the whole world.

Expert hands are required to translate best moments from life into the beautiful figures that make up the Nao collection. This is why Nao porcelains are produced by veteran craftsmen in the company?s own local workshops near Valencia, in Spain.

The figurines are the result of the perfect combination of artisan craftsmanship and modern techniques in the manufacture of porcelain that allow us satisfy the followers of the brand in more than 120 countries worldwide.

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The Nao themes take in all the phases of a person's experience: from childhood games through to spirituality, from the merry jokes of clowns to religiously inspired images, from first moments of falling in love to scenes of family life.


NAO - Porzelain Figurines made in Spain