Help Vouchers


To purchase a gift certificate at AutAll:

Select "Coupon purchasing" and place them so often in the cart until you reach the desired coupon value (only possible in 5 euro steps).
The value of the voucher is of course without the given discount.

Choose the shipping method "coupon code" , if no other items are in shopping cart.


How do I get now the coupon code:

Once the item is ordered and was paid in this case, you will receive a coupon code.
We will send the coupon code to those email which was entered in the ordering process with all the necessary data
With the delivery of the voucher code, it is now ready for redemption.

To redeem vouchers at AutAll:

Select products from our store as usual and insert them into the shopping cart. The order must be at least equal to the value of the redeemed coupon.
The coupon code has to be entered in the space provided on the first page in the ordering process. Please make sure that the correct spelling of your coupon code is entered!
Automatically, will be deducted the value of the voucher from the shopping amount.
To complete your order, you will continue as usual through the checkout process.
If you have problems please contact us immediately.


Overview of all the conditions that apply for vouchers

Vouchers can only be used once in our online shop Only one coupon per order may be redeemed.
Vouchers cannot be paid in cash back.
The coupon code is not limited to a customer name.
Invoice payment is not offered with the purchase of a voucher.
When you buy voucher only, there will be no shipping cost charged (only if using coupon code shipping method).
The order value when redeeming must be at least equal to of the voucher value.
When typing errors in the e-mail address of the purchaser and we cannot deliver the voucher code afterwards, this will be not our fault. Please take care to enter the correct delivery email address.
There is no obligation on our part to redeem a voucher, if the buyer does not pay for this.
If a coupon code will be lost, we will send the coupon code again to the delivery email address of the purchaser.
The terms and conditions of the company AutAll are still valid.


Kind regards
Your AutAll team