Search Tips


Basic Search

To make your search, you have to type a few descriptive words and press the "Enter" key. Or click on the magnifying glass symbol. You will then receive a list of relevant search results.


Automatic "and" Search

The search will return only results containing all your search terms. You do not need "and" between the keywords. To restrict a search, you only need to enter more words separated by spaces. For example, "Nina Marco angels" instead of "Nina Marco". Sequence of keywords is not important.


Plural and singular

Avoid searchin in a plural mode. It is always better to search with singular expressions. For example: annual bell instead of annual bells, or "Hummel figurine" instead of "Hummel figurines"


Together and separately written notation

This notation for the search terms always provide different results and is also the most complicated spelling and search. Especially when even the combination of plural and singular is used.

For example, you will get different results when you search for "Christmasbell" or "Christmasbells", or "Christmas Bell" or "Christmas Bells". We recommend only to search for "Christmas Bell".

Would you like to have displayed only Hutschenreuther bells, then we recommend "Hutschenreuther bell" to search.


Upper and lower case

Searching with uppercase and lowercase versions you will get same results. For example, search queries for "bell" or "BELL" or "Bell" the result will be the same.



Different results by using alternative spellings or Umlauts. For example, searches for "Göbel" or "Goebel" gives different search results.