Hutschenreuther Ostern Porzellan-Ei 'Das Ei 2021 Osterhuhn - Ø 4.5 cm h 6,5 cm' 2021

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On the new porcelain egg and heart 2021, the chickens and their chicks rejoice in the freshly blossomed farmer?s garden. Framed by colourful dog roses and butterflies, they enjoy the warm rays of the sun. Butterflies and dog roses in different colours also adorn the new mini eggs and hearts.

Additional product information

Size in cm Ø 4.5 cm / Höhe / Height 6,5 cm
Year of publication 2021 Spring publication
Manufacturer / Image- and description source Rosenthal GmbH / Hutschenreuther
Quality and item condition New and first selection

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